How to arrange escort cards?

If you’re planning to invite your wedding guests with a personalized matchbook, or have a place card for each guest with the last name of each person, then you’re going to want to consider how to arrange escort cards? By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to keep everyone’s escort cards together. Here are a few ideas for this wedding invitation:

Personalized Matchbooks

Personalized matchbooks for escort card favors can be a fun way to display a small selection of your guest book. They’re great for holding your escort cards and can be an excellent way to direct guests to your candle favors. You can create a wide range of designs for your matchbooks, and you can add a personalized touch with photos of you and your loved ones.

These matchbooks are a popular favor for any wedding. Personalized matchbooks are a unique way to give them as wedding favors to guests who are avoiding smoking. This is especially useful for wedding venues with strict fire codes. The matchbooks can be personalized with the names of the guests and the table locations. Guests can choose from the various designs and themes, such as wedding colors. You can even personalize the matchbook by choosing its background color or accent color.

Personalized Place Cards

Personalized place cards for Escorts sets are the perfect finishing touch for your table setting. These individualized cards guide your guests to their table by providing them with the seat number and name. They also serve a dual purpose: they direct your guests to their table, and they tell them which meal to choose. Here are a few ways to customize these cards. Once you have decided on the design, you can download the Place/Escort Card Template.

Escort place cards are similar, but they are different. Usually, the escort card will have the name of the guest, as well as the meal they’ll be eating. They’re either flat or tented, and they serve the same purpose. Here are some ideas for escort cards:

Displaying Escort Cards by Last name

If you want your wedding reception to be as elegant as possible, display your escort cards by last name to guide guests to their assigned table. You can use a seating chart to keep track of table assignments. Alternatively, you can use menu cards as place cards. In either case, you should arrange the escort cards by last name to make it easier to spot the names of guests who are sitting at the same table.

While it may not seem important, it is customary to display escort cards by last name in large events. This is particularly appropriate if there are more than 50 guests in attendance. If you have a seating chart, you should keep the cards organized by last name, as placing them by table number will confuse guests. Moreover, it is important to place the cards in a central location where guests can take their time.

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